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National Junior College
Volunteers from National Junior College expressed their gratitude towards their teachers by making ...
Berita Harian
Berita Harian organised the Ramadan charity iftar (breaking of the fast) for 150 service users from various...
The President's Challenge is a movement supported by the kindness and generosity of people from all walks of life, regardless of culture, religion or family background, to help those less fortunate. We are proud to share this video of the President's Challenge 2019, showing how Singaporeans come together to show love, care and support to build a more caring and inclusive society.

Join us in making Singapore a more caring and inclusive society.

If you are interested in organising a fundraising event in support of President’s Challenge or just want to know more about us, drop us a note here or email us at:

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Photo Credits: MCI, Mediacorp, PCF-Eunos Blk 629, Heartware Network, Berita Harian